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The UPP Foundation Student Futures Commission

About the Commission

The UPP Foundation – a charity that aims to tackle the biggest issues facing the higher education sector across the UK – has established the Student Futures Commission. In light of the disruption everyone has faced during the pandemic, it is looking at how universities can take action to support students from September 2021 to make the best of their remaining time at university and support those who are starting their journey in higher education this year.

The Commission has three objectives

1. To ensure students are best supported after the pandemic by contributing to a generous and collaborative effort in the sector to ensure their successful futures.

2. To make practical recommendations to universities, government and others for the academic year 2021-2022 and onwards.

3. To curate ideas, insights and learnings from all stakeholders in higher education that can be widely disseminated and used to enhance the post-pandemic student experience.

“Students have faced unique challenges throughout this pandemic and so I welcome the work of the Student Futures Commission to ensure we look for ways to support students completing their courses.

I encourage any graduates beginning the next chapter in their lives to make use of our Graduate Employment and Skills Guide, designed to give students advice as they build their skills and kick start their careers.”

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan MP, welcomes the UPP Foundation Student Futures Commission

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