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Call for new grant applications

This summer the UPP Foundation will be awarding a small number of grants to outstanding pilot projects which tackle key issues within our new goals.

The deadline for our grant application is now closed.

Projects we fund

The UPP Foundation is looking to support projects that tackle key issues within our goals as part of our 2022 funding round. In line with our new strategy – Belonging to the Future – we are looking to invest in several small, innovative pilot projects with the aim of igniting new ideas and approaches in the sector to meet one or both of the following goals:


Enable students and graduates to succeed


If you are applying for a project linked to this goal, check out the final report from our Student Futures Commission. This report is the intellectual blueprint for issues we want to address to enable students and graduates to succeed.


Develop green and sustainable civic universities


We welcome all ideas within this goal but we are particularly interested in innovative biodiversity schemes, environment service-learning pilots and/or projects which support the sector’s civic leadership of this issue.

Successful applications will need to demonstrate:

  • A credible and deliverable project
  • Displays a new or innovative approach to advancing our goals
  • Demonstrates a commitment to collaboration and/or partnership working
  • Presents a clear plan for the long-term sustainability once UPP Foundation support ends
  • Will have tangible impact to meet our goals

Organisations we fund

The UPP Foundation typically funds universities and registered charities in the UK. We will also consider applications from non-registered groups with a clear social purpose, social enterprises, community groups and other charitable bodies. We will not support applications from individuals.

Please read the criteria carefully to make sure that each application meets the organisation and project criteria before applying.


When and how to apply

The deadline for submitting the application is: 17:00 on 17 June 2022.
You can download the application form and submit it below

Details of grants

There is a cap of £25,000 for individual grants (the UPP Foundation will typically provide a range of grants between £5,000 to £25,000). Trustees will not consider applications outside of that scale. All applications need to include a budget detailing how the grant income will be spent efficiently. Applications that do not provide a real reflection of costs will be rejected. Information and case studies about projects we have previously funded can be found at the end of this page.

Assessment process

Each application is considered on its own merits based on the information provided in the application form. Due diligence will also be carried out by the UPP Foundation and we may request further information or a meeting/visit in advance of Trustees deciding the outcome of each application. We will acknowledge the receipt of each application by email.

Eligible applications will be reviewed by the Trustee Board and applicants will be informed of their decision in August

Reporting requirement

All successful applicants will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). As part of the MOU, the UPP Foundation requires all successful applicants to measure, monitor and evaluate the impact of the funded project and report back to the UPP Foundation in a timely manner. Details of the reporting requirement will be included in the MOU.

2019-2020 Grants

UPP Foundation funds a small number of pilot projects which tackle key issues within our objectives. In the academic 2019-2020 year, the UPP Foundation invested £100,000 in a small number of pilot projects (these projects are in addition to our existing multi-year commitments and proactive grants, where the Foundation seeks out partners). The projects were selected by Trustees following the submission of almost 50 applications – the highest number the UPP Foundation has received to date. Examples of grants include:

  • Help homeless students gain access to higher education (University of Chichester)
  • Provide small group tutoring to young people retaking GCSEs in English and Maths (Get Further)
  • Encourage and support students to remain and contribute to their local community (The Bridge Group)
  • Engage the public in developing a civic university agreement (Goldsmiths, University of London)

The pilot projects were chosen on the basis of their overall quality, and synergy with the UPP Foundation’s objectives, commitment to partnership and potential for sector-wide impact.