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Professor Glyn Davis Full Speech: “An irredeemable time? The rising tide of hostility toward universities”

For the published lecture ‘An irredeemable time? The rising tide of hostility t...

19.10.17 Read more

Professor Glyn Davis: “Key to saving universities’ credibility – and themselves – is increased community engagement”

The UPP Foundation holds its Inaugural Autumn Lecture this evening – hosting Pr...

19.10.17 Read more

An irredeemable time? The rising tide of hostility toward universities

This is a brief introduction to Professor Davis’ lecture, ‘An irredeemable ti...

19.10.17 Read more

The University of Nottingham: Building the Global Civic University

This is an edited version of the authors’ essay on the global civic univers...

23.02.17 Read more

UPP Foundation Awards Grant to East London Student Entrepreneur Initiative

QMUL students participating in last year’s East London Social Hack at the Univers...

24.01.17 Read more

Civic Universities in the 21st Century

The culture of our universities should be among the best qualities of this country. B...

04.11.16 Read more

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