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Submit evidence to
the Commission

The Commission wants to hear from any organisations and individuals that have an interest in the role of a civic university including:

  • HE, FE, and schools;
  • Local and national government; Local civic institutions and charities;
  • Students’ Unions, current and past students;
  • Those that have successfully collaborated with universities on local projects

​Universities are a UK success story: globally with a number topping international league tables and attracting students from over the world; and locally with a clear and major impact on the economy and society.

However we have also found, in our opinion research leading up to the commission, that the view of universities differs widely based on the place and background of the people asked. Those whose jobs or voluntary activity led them to engagement with universities and the city more widely, and often those who are better off, are highly positive about their role and activities. For others, the university is either invisible or has negative side effects (for example in terms of the urban environment and anti-social behaviour). For some, too, the values and positions of those who work and study in large universities can make them seem aloof and is self-consciously superior. You can download a summary of that opinion research from this page.

Consequently, now is the time to ask about the wider public benefit of universities, and how the civic university should behave beyond its core teaching and research. This is not just about current political pressures. Universities will exist for centuries (indeed many already have) – far beyond any piece of government legislation or headline in the papers. The Commission aims to help them understand how to sustainably maintain an international focus – both on students and research – while serving those close to home.

To submit evidence, please download the framework and questionnaire template and submit below.

The deadline for submitting evidence is 31 July 2018


UPP Foundation Civic University Commission

The UPP Foundation Civic University Commission is a major new independent inquiry into the future of the civic university: how can universities most successfully serve their place in the 21st century?

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