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Our Goals

Helping students, graduates and universities fulfil their potential to transform lives and communities

Enabled students and graduates to succeed

We will foster students’ sense of belonging and build their networks and relationships through participation in a ‘living and learning’ university experience – widening opportunity for all.

Improving engagement in a living and learning experience will improve student mental health and strengthen graduate outcomes. Through our leadership of the Student Futures Commission, we are engaging with people across the country to understand what students, universities and other interested parties want to see from higher education, and how the sector should respond to the challenges of a post-Covid era.

By doing this work now, we will enable the sector to get ahead of the curve, based on up-to-date evidence and analysis about what works and what people want. The Student Futures Commission will provide the intellectual stimulus for the decisions we make and how we fund students and graduates to succeed over the next three years.


Develop green and sustainable civic universities

We will support universities to improve environmental sustainability and build partnerships with the local community – putting them at the heart of positive change.

We will support civic universities and their students to effectively tackle environmental issues and climate change, develop sustainable campuses, and develop the leadership role universities and their students play within their local communities – helping to bridge so-called town-gown divides.

As a funder, convener and thought leader we will focus on the environment within the civic university agenda.

Support higher education’s value to society

We will facilitate high quality engagement between universities, students, local communities and wider society – building on best practice and helping to drive the sector’s impact.

Higher education is key to ‘building back better’ and ‘levelling up’. Through our impact to date and future work, we can further demonstrate that universities are key to our economic, social, cultural and environmental success, helping to solve policy problems across a broad range of issues. The focus of this goal will be to ensure the Foundation builds upon the success of our thought leadership to date.

Belonging to the future: Our 2025 strategy

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19 Jul 2019


UPP Foundation Civic University Commission Conference: How to truly strengthen the connection between universities and their places.

30 Nov 2018


Civic University Commission London Evidence Session

29 Jun 2018


Evidence Session: Sheffield

22 Jun 2018


Evidence Session: Nottingham

01 Jun 2018


Evidence Session: Manchester

20 Mar 2018


Commission Launch