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UPP Foundation host Professor Robert J. Zimmer at Summer Lecture and Dinner

President Zimmer will discuss 'Advancing the Civic University: Cities and Universities'

The UPP Foundation holds its Summer Lecture and Dinner on Tuesday 11 June 2019. The lecture will focus on how to advance the civic university, a key area of focus for the UPP Foundation, and will be given by Professor Robert J. Zimmer, President of the University of Chicago.

Professor Zimmer’s lecture will discuss how universities can contribute to cities’ economic, social and cultural wellbeing. The lecture will share insights from the University of Chicago, which has worked on these matters energetically for a number of years.

Prior to becoming President of the University of Chicago President Zimmer was a faculty member at the university and an eminent mathematician, authoring three books and over 80 journal articles. As President, he serves as Chair of the Board of Governors of Argonne National Laboratory; Chair of the Board of Directors of Fermi Research Alliance LLC, the operator of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Marine Biological Laboratory.

President Zimmer is one of the most prominent figures in US higher education and during his presidency has been a leader on the issue of free speech on campus.

Richard Brabner, Director of the UPP Foundation said:

“We are extremely pleased to be hosting the UPP Foundation Summer Lecture & Dinner. At the UPP Foundation, we know that universities enrich our cities, towns and regions and have the potential to address many of the challenges we face through civic engagement and outreach. With over 50 universities signed up to develop Civic University Agreements – the key recommendation from the UPP Foundation’s Civic University Commission – it is clear that the appetite for civic engagement is strong. We’re delighted to be hosting this important event and we look forward to Professor Zimmer’s speech.”

The UPP Foundation’s Summer Lecture and Dinner will take place at The Institute for Engineering and Technology in London, and it will be attended by around 80 senior higher education sector leaders and policy makers.

The event will facilitate debate among attendees who will discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the higher education sector.

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